Andrew Duncan

Documentary Wedding Photographer


My wedding portraiture is about people, who happen to be at weddings. Mostly candid, it's about capturing people as they are, celebrating your day with you.

Your photos should look great on Instagram with all your filters today, in a frame on the wall tomorrow, and as an album passed down through generations to come.

I don't use crazy presets or filters to make your images look like faded vintage polaroids taken in the California sun, though the magic of physics and camera technology means that sometimes you might get that effect naturally.

What I'll give you is a beautiful set of images - some will suit a wall, some will suit a frame on your desk, others others might need censoring for Facebook, but all of them will make up an individual and unique memento of one single day in your lives.

Take a look at some of my work to get a better idea of what to expect, and check out my package options.

About Andrew

I first became interested in visual storytelling while attending Film and TV School in Sydney, where I grew up. It might seem a little odd that I was already at Film School before I found this interest, but I was actually there to study Audio Engineering.

I'd already dabbled in photography as a hobbyist for many years, learning the technical aspects, the rules of composition, all of those things that you have to get under your belt before you can really start to progress, but I was still just making "pretty pictures". Interesting lines in the landscape, or friends having fun. That kind of thing.

My studies in sound gave me a different perspective on photography. I learned while watching films and looking at images, to think about the environment they portrayed, what information was present and what was missing, and what feeling the image was supposed to invoke, with or without added sound.

While working for a theatre, the behind-the-scenes photos I was taking caught the eye of management, and for the next few years I ended up documenting rehearsals and performances, as well as conferences, fundraisers, and other similar events, all while my responsibilities in the sound department slowly became managerial.

At some point, while working as a project manager and a photographer for the theatre, as well as moonlighting as an event photographer on my own, I realised that I was no longer doing the meaningful work in my day-to-day life that I wanted to be doing. The people hiring me and assessing my work were in marketing and promotions, and the most pride I felt from my images was when somebody asked to use one a their profile picture.

Around the same time, my cousin got married. I'd never shot a wedding; I hadn't even attended many, but I brought my camera along almost out of habit, and that experience planted the seed.

So, after I moved to the UK, I suggested to my partner Heather De Rosevere that we might start doing weddings together. Over time we've evolved different styles and ideas, and we've chosen to use individual branding as a way of distinguishing those ideas, while still working together the way we love to, with a common goal.

Wedding photography is a job that requires you to master a vast array of skills and continually invest a lot of money in expensive equipment. It takes up your weekends with travel and taking photos, and takes up your week with processing, printing, meeting clients, and development.

..and I love it.



Always included:

Full day from preparation until things get rowdy

Travel to your location, unless it's to somewhere properly difficult

Individually processed images of your wedding story

A USB drive with different versions for printing on paper, displaying on screens, and sharing.

An online gallery that you can share, or keep private, as you like

Printing rights

Saturday and Wedding bookings include a second photographer. Where possible, I prefer my partner Heather De Rosevere, who is an outstanding portrait and wedding photographer with an exceptionally creative flair. We don't just work together, but we play and live together as well, and our collaborations are more than the sum of their parts.

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