...of you and your wedding in Exmoor.

What I Do

I'm primarily a documentary photographer, which is sometimes called photo-reportage, photojournalistic, or just candid.

That means I work to capture the real events of the entire day without intentionally altering them in any way - no posing, no formal group shots, no saying "cheese!".

Of course, I don't limit myself to just that, but it's how I mostly prefer to work. If you need something more included, that's no problem!

For some examples, see My Work.


Exmoor Special

I live in West Somerset, which is home to some magnificent and picturesque venues, such as St Audries Park, Quantock Lakes, Dunster Castle, and Crowcombe Court.

In addition to being ideal venues for your wedding, their continued success ensures opportunities for the hundreds of people they collectively employ and local businesses whose services they use.

So, in an effort to support my local community while also getting to work in the places I really enjoy, I've decided to heavily discount my prices for any weddings, especially midweek, in West Somerset:

Friday / Saturday Wedding, £1590 £790
Mid-Week Wedding, £1290 £490
All-Local Vendors Discount* -£-200

† Friday and Saturday weddings require up-front payment in full to confirm booking.
‡ Mid-week weddings require an up-front payment of 50% to confirm booking.
* To qualify for this discount, your hair, make-up, and flowers must all be provided by local vendors.


What You Get


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