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Gledswood Special

I love being a wedding photographer, but I'd prefer to be doing it at home, in Australia.

I grew up in the Macarthur area, but I've lived and worked in Europe for the last 15 years. Now, I'd like to come home, and bring my business with me.

Unfortunately my portfolio is mostly English manor houses, formal lawns, and people with umbrellas, which doesn't look all that familiar to the average Australian couple planning a wedding.

So for the next couple of years (yes, years!) I'm offering special rates for weddings in Australia, during the November/December time when I'd be home visiting for Christmas anyway, in order to build an Australian-looking portfolio with real people and real venues - and for venues in the Macarthur area that special price is free. No charges of any kind, at any time - I'm getting some beautiful shots for my portfolio, at a time when I wouldn't usually be working anyway.

Take a look at my work, remembering that things will probably look a bit brighter at an Australian wedding, and let me know if you can help me out.

If your looking for friendly, easy to work with, professional photographers look no further. - Lee


What I Do

I'm a documentary photographer, which is sometimes called photo-reportage, photojournalistic, or just candid.

That means I work to capture the real events of the entire day without intentionally altering them in any way - no posing, no saying "cheese!".

Of course, I don't limit myself to just that - give me epic sunsets any time - but it's how I mostly prefer to work. If you need something more included, I love a challenge!

Really friendly, professional, full of ideas and even helped us put a bit of structure into our 'laid back' (disorganised!!) wedding day. - Kim


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